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  • Published: 01/03/2007
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  • ISBN: 9781861977748
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Moscow 1941

A City & Its People at War

Sir Rodric Braithwaite

Based on huge research and scores of interviews, this book offers an unforgettable and richly illustrated narrative of the military action that took place in Moscow during 1941; telling portraits of Stalin and his generals, some apparatchiks, some great commanders. It also traces the stories of individuals, soldiers, politicians and intellectuals, writers and artists and dancers, workers, schoolchildren and peasants. Click here to visit the author's website.

About the Author

Sir Rodric Braithwaite was British Ambassador in Moscow during the fall of the Soviet Union. He has also been Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. He lives in London.


'vibrant and humane portrait of a remarkable city in the face of a terrible enemy. He has succeeded triumphantly in restoring the Battle for Moscow to its proper place in history', Daily Telegraph

'a real taste of people's history...he allows them to tell their stories of comradeship, inventiveness, hunger and horror', New Statesman

'A heartbreaking and thrilling story of peerless heroism and misery on a barely imaginable scale...the reader staggers from laughter to tears, while never forgetting that blood is flowing.', Simon Sebag Montefiore, Daily Mail

'a wide-ranging and excellent account...Braithwaite never shirks the terrible truths', Antony Beevor, Sunday Times

'engrossing and masterly account...this is a significant contribution to our understanding of the Great Patriotic War', The Independent

'In the grim roster of battles, Moscow has always been overshadowed by Stalingrad....Rodric Braithwaite's epic history, skilfully drawing on the experiences of ordinary Russians, goes a long way to setting the record straight.', Sunday Telegraph

'Extraordinary story.', Simon Mayo, Radio Five

'Braithwaite...has written the best history book of the year so far.', Sunday Herald

'With great skill, he maintains tension throughout this sinewy, moving and consummately crafted history of the soviet union's darkest is the stuff of epics.', Glasgow Herald

'A vivid picture of the stark and bloody struggle for national survival with which Russia's war began.', Economist

'Braithwaite...retells the story with verve and compassion.', The Guardian

'an impressive account', Financial Times

'It is remarkable to find new material, new insights and even fresh revealing reflections on Stalin', The Tribune

'dramatic and frightening reading', Daily Express

'a masterful account', Times

'an outstanding book...these accounts provide a fascinating insight not only into the war but also into Soviet society.', THES

'a splendid read, full of interesting material, and essential for anyone trying to understand the Russians...and the war they fought and won at such a great cost', BBC History Magazine

'one of the most overlooked moments in history...the strength of Moscow 1941 lies in its eye for detail, the snapshots of everyday life that set the scene', Observer

'Together with his remarkably clear, concise style...and his empathy with the people, he achieves a graphic vividness which puts this book on a level with Beevor's', Mail on Sunday (5 stars)

'a remarkable epic, vividly portrayed', Sunday Telegraph

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