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  • Published: 27/05/2010
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Hello Everybody!

One Journalist's Search for Truth in the Middle East

Joris Luyendijk

A powerful and moving wake-up call to the dangers of media maniplulation

In Hello Everybody! a bestseller in his native Holland, Joris Luyendijk tells the story of his five yearsas a reporter in the Middle East. Young and inexperienced but fluent in Arabic, he speaks to stone throwers and soldiers, taxi drivers and professors, victims and aggressors chronicling first-hand experiences of dictatorship, occupation and war. But the more he witnesses, the less he understands and he becomes increasingly aware of the yawning gap between what he sees on the ground and what is later reported in the media. As a correspondent he is privy to the multitude of narratives with conflicting implications, yet again and again the media favours those stories that will confirm and reinforce the oversimplified beliefs of the West.Hello Everybody! Is a story of disillusionment and enlightenment, by turns hilarious and despairing, but most importantly it is a powerful wake up call to the way the media gives us a filtered and manipulated version of reality in the Middle East.

About the Author

Joris Luyendijk was born December 30th 1971 in the Netherlands. Most of his books are about the Middle East, the most successful of which appeared in English as: Hello Everybody. Having lived in his native Amsterdam for the past years, Joris Luyendijk is moving to London this summer to work for The Guardian newspaper.


'Superb...This book will make readers think twice when they scan foreign news in the papers', Julian Fleming, Sunday Business Post

'Excellent...breezy but self-critical', Ian Black, Guardian

'Powerful...written in a very engaging, even gripping, style and what makes it most admirable is its honesty', Dan Glazebrook, Morning Star

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