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  • Published: 02/07/2009
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  • ISBN: 9781846681530
  • Subject: Early Modern History,History
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History and Myth: From Solomon's Temple to the Freemasons

Michael Haag

The definitive guide to Templars' history, legends and mysteries - and the belief that their hand can be seen in everything from the Cathar heresy to Masonic conspiracies - now in paperback.

An order of warrior monks founded to protect pilgrims to Jerusalem, the Templars were among the wealthiest and most powerful bodies in the medieval world. Yet two centuries later, they were arrested, accused of blasphemy, heresy and orgies, and their leaders were burnt at the stake.

Part guide, part history, this book investigates the Templar legends and legacy - from the mysteries of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, via nineteenth century development of the Freemasons, through to Templar appearances in Dan Brown and Indiana Jones.

This book explains the whole context of Templar history, including the recent evidence discovered by the Vatican that the Templars were not guilty of heresy. It also features a guide to Templar castles and sites.

About the Author

Michael Haag has written widely on the Egyptian, Classical and Medieval worlds. He is author of the much-admired Alexandria: City of Memory (Yale University Press), and of bestselling Rough Guides to Tutankhamun and The Da Vinci Code.


'Michael Haag, in his well-knit narrative gets through an enormous spread of history', Daily Telegraph

'An essential guide for anyone who wants a comprehensive guide to the Templars ... a perfect place to begin your quest.', Good Book Guide

'Admirably comprehensive and balanced', Birmingham Mail

'An intriguing and revealing work that surprises and entertains', Nottingham Evening Post

'The true story of the templars, revealed in Haag's book, is even more astonishing than the legends they spawned', Waterstone's Books Quarterly

'Michael Haag's comprehensive and considered book covers a multitude of topics related to the group...', Fachtna Kelly, Sunday Business Post

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