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  • The Great Animal Orchestra at the Horniman Museum

    Until 31st August 2014

    The Great Animal Orchestra at the Horniman is a sound installation designed by Bernie Krause, a leading expert in natural sound. Created from his rare recordings of natural habitats in Borneo, Costa Rica, Sumatra and...

  • Raja Shehadeh at Edinburgh Book Festival

    12th August 2014

    The Middle East: How the Region was Carved Up In the first of Raja Shehadeh’s events, he brings together three leading historians to consider how the First World War and its aftermath, including the unravelling...

  • Raja Shehadeh at Edinburgh Book Festival

    14th August 2014

    The Future of the Middle East After the Arab Uprisings: What Now? Can the Middle East escape perpetual conflict and political division? Has the initial promise of popular rebellion against dictatorship dissipated or is there...

  • Charles Fernyhough at Edinburgh Book Festival, 14th & 15th August

    14th & 15th August 2014

    14th August: Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers series North Korea: Undemocratic Republic Numerous people – including children – are detained in political prison camps in North Korea. Many have not committed any crime but are merely...

  • Linda Colley at Edinburgh Book Festival

    15th August 2014

    The Reinvention of Britain A professor of history at Princeton University, Linda Colley is one of the best-respected chroniclers of British history. In Acts of Union and Disunion, she explores the forces that brought the...

  • Zoe Cormier at Science Museum Lates

    Wednesday 27th August

    This month Lates is all the science of hedonism – sex, drugs and music – as Science Museum teams up with Guerilla Science! Zoe Cormier, author of Sex, Drugs & Rock’n'Roll will be there, looking...

  • Val McDermid at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    Saturday 11th October 2014

    Forensics: An Anatomy of Crime The dead talk. To the right listener they reveal who they are, how they lived and died – and who killed them. Through forensic science, a single hair can uncover...

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