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  • Zoe Cormier on Sex, Drugs & Rock’n'Roll at Salon London

    Wednesday 26th November

    Acid House: The Last Great British Youth Culture | The Science of Hedonsim | Rave Art At The Proud Archivist For Acid House we will be taking a long hard look at the science behind...

  • Andrew Gant at Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival

    Friday 28 November

    Andrew Gant, composer and former choirmaster of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal, tells the story of some of the most loved Christmas Carols. Unravelling a captivating – and often surprising – tale of great musicians and...

  • James Ward at Hay Winter Weekend

    Saturday 29 November 2014, 6pm

    ADVENTURES IN STATIONERY: A JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR PENCIL CASE Who said stationery is boring? Half-chewed Cristal Bics and bent paper clips, rubber bands to fiddle with or ping, blunt pencils, rubbers and Tipp-ex. Exploring these...

  • Andrew Gant at Hay Winter Weekend

    Sunday 30 November 2014, 5pm

    CHRISTMAS CAROLS: FROM VILLAGE GREEN TO CHURCH CHOIR Andrew Gant unravels the captivating, and often surprising stories behind the origin of some of our best loved carols. Tales of great musicians and thinkers, saints and...

  • You and Your Hedonism – Zoe Cormier at Salon London

    Wednesday 3rd December 2014

    Salon London presents ‘You and Your Hedonism’ with Guerilla Science founder Zoe Cormier.   As you might have suspected, you are biologically determined to enjoy the season to excess – in fact your DNA demands it. ...

  • Andrew Gant at Kings Place

    Monday 8th December

    Everyone loves a carol – in the end, even Scrooge. They have the power to summon up a special kind of midwinter mood, like the aroma of mince pies and mulled wine and the twinkle...

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