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  • Francis Fukuyama at Chatham House

    Monday 22 September

    Drawing on evidence ranging from the French Revolution to the Arab Spring to contemporary US politics, Francis Fukuyama will explore the struggle to create and maintain well-functioning modern states through institution building. He will examine...

  • Francis Fukuyama at Bristol Festival of Ideas

    Tue 23 September 2014

    Francis Fukuyama is the author of The End of History, The Great Disruption, Our Posthuman Future, State Building and After the Neocons. All were international bestsellers promoting worldwide debate. He comes to Bristol to discuss his bestselling landmark work on the...

  • Francis Fukuyama at RSA

    24th Sep 2014

    Francis Fukuyama, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, tells the story of mankind’s emergence as a political animal, and the development of state, law and democracy, in the wake of the cataclysms of the...

  • Francis Fukuyama at Institute for Government

    24th September 2014

    Francis Fukuyama is one of the world’s most celebrated political thinkers and author of the landmark treatise The End of History and the Last Man. In his new book Political Order and Political Decay, Fukuyama offers us a compelling...

  • Francis Fukuyama at NESTA UK

    24th September 2014

    In the Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama explored the dawn of mankind to the French and American revolutions. He picks up this thread again in Political Order and Political Decay - the second instalment of his definitive account...

  • Andrew Martin and Christian Wolmar at Soho Literary Festival

    Friday 26th September 2014

    There is an undeniable romance associated with train travel. Certainly, the train has been the setting for many a film and book. Perhaps it’s that the confined space provides the perfect setting for heightened emotion...

  • Philip Walling at Blenheim Palace Literary Festival

    Sunday 28 September 2014

    Former sheep farmer and barrister Philip Walling says sheep are the golden thread that runs through the history of the British countryside. He talks to broadcaster David Freeman about how he decided to pay homage...

  • Zoe Cormier at Wigtown Book Festival

    Sunday 28th September 2014

    Challenging taboos, Zoe Cormier of Guerilla Science promises a riotous romp through the scientific experiments and discoveries of human pleasure. Over 16s only. Find out more at the Wigtown Book Festival...

  • Andrew Martin at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    6th October 2014

    Rail travel once meant candlelit dining with monogrammed cutlery and a live pianist. When did the railway lose its romance? Andrew Martin (Belles and Whistles), Andrew Roden (Trains to the Trenches; Flying Scotsman) and Christian Wolmar (To The Edge of the...

  • Zoe Cormier at Litchfield Literature Festival

    Friday 10 October 2014

    Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll as you’ve never seen them before – under the microscope. How can wordless collections of sounds send shivers down our spines and tickle ancient parts of our brains we share with...

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